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Specialized Research, Business, and Management Consulting

Haggarty-Weir Consulting offers a wide range of consulting services for academics, professionals in start-ups, business owners and others. We offer fixed daily fee structures and bespoke services as we believe no two clients are the same. For more information on our services, see below and click the link for additional information.

Haggarty-Weir Consulting Services

Discover Our Expertise

Corporate Training

Get the Skills You Need

Do you or your staff require a competitive edge? Consider our bespoke corporate training services for businesses of all sizes and all types. Get trained in areas such as fundamental accounting, marketing, intellectual property, management, communication, and more.

Research Commercialization

From Lab to Market

Have a fantastic idea that you want to commercialize? Well get in touch. We can help with business plan development, marketability and patentability reports, competitor analysis, fundamental financial modelling, grant and investor scouting, and venture capital pitching.

Business Development

Optimize Your Growth

Already have a business? If you want to optimize its growth then get in touch and we can help. We can provide various levels of market research, marketing management, organizational structure refinement, competitor analysis, scouting for enhanced investment to catalyze growth, and product assessment.

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