I made use of Christopher's Research Commercialization Training Program in Edinburgh and it helped me develop a better understanding of this important area. I now feel more confident in understanding intellectual property, company formation, patent law and how research can be commercialized.

Dr. John Mallows, Postdoc, Newcastle University

About Us

Haggarty-Weir Consulting was established out of the identified need for researchers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to have access to an enhanced level of support. Whether it is attracting funding, optimizing an organizational structure, training staff in business, or helping to navigate the start-up process, we are here to help. We have access to an experienced network of professionals from a variety of fields from biotechnology to materials science, and even the food & beverage sector, so we are confident in solving your problems.



Our central ethos is 'client & community', meaning that we take a focused approach to our clients to develop a bespoke plan, and we donate a portion of profits to STEM student scholarships (with a focus on those from a low-income background). We also provide discounted fee structures to clients who are alumni of the following universities: University of the Sunshine Coast, University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, University of Edinburgh, MIT, and the University of the People. Give us a call or email today to set up your first consultation.


The Doctor Will See You Now

Dr. Christopher N Haggarty-Weir, Ph.D, MRSB, MRSC.

Greetings! My name is Christopher and I am the Founder of Haggarty-Weir Consulting. Throughout my career I have developed quite an eclectic set of skills and training. I completed my Bachelor in Biomedical Science from the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia) where I obtained minors in chemistry and medical microbiology. I then did my Master in Molecular Biology at the University of Queensland, carrying out my biochemistry and bioinformatics research in the lab of Prof. Glenn King at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience. Finishing top of the class allowed me entrance into a unique joint Doctoral program in Molecular Parasitology and Biophysical Chemistry at the Universities of Melbourne (Faculty of Medicine and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute), and Edinburgh (School of Chemistry). My research was focused on malaria vaccine development with Prof. Alan Cowman, FRS, AC. During this time I also studied a mini-MBA program in Melbourne (focused on research commercialization), had a scholarship to attend the business and enterprise skills course in Dundee, and studied marketing and entrepreneurship at MIT.  I also managed to publish in philosophy journals. Most recently I have been elected a Member of both the Royal Societies of Biology and Chemistry. Finally, in early 2020 I completed my MBA in management and finance from the University of the People in conjunction with New York University (with my final project focused on Boehringer Ingelheim's asset swap with Sanofi).


I have worked in clinical healthcare, medical research, the military, higher education, intellectual property, technology transfer, business development, venture capital, and as a pharmaceutical executive & investor liaison. I wanted to be able to distill all of this educational and work experience down into a single business, and thus, Haggarty-Weir Consulting was born! 

I am a Scottish-Australian who loves traveling and meeting interesting people who have interesting businesses. So don't be shy! Let yourself be known to me and let's have a conversation!

Phone: +44 (0) 7501 448 220

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