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Carcinotech: A New, Exciting Biotech Client for Haggarty-Weir Consulting.

Brendan Copp and Dr. Christopher Haggarty-Weir recently engaged with and completed some web-development and marketing report work for their client Carcinotech. Carcinotech is an exciting new Edinburgh-based biotech start-up with a focus on microfluidics applied to cancer and stem cells. More specifically, the technology being developed is aimed at replicating cellular cancer environments on a micro-sized chip in order to aid research efforts, hopefully eliminate pre-clinical animal testing, and contribute to the personalized medicine paradigm. Founder and Director of Carcinotech, Ishani Malhotra, set up the company in mid-2018 and has received funding and recognition from the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (winning the Fresh Ideas Competition last November) and Santander. Additionally, Ms. Malhotra has been shortlisted for phase 2 of the Converge Kickstart Challenge.

The aforementioned team at Haggarty-Weir Consulting was engaged by Carcinotech to develop their website (as seen here), and to put together a short-term marketing strategy report to aid Ms. Malhotra’s efforts in growing her nascent company. Ms. Malhotra said of the services provided ‘Despite providing very basic information for what I wanted, the website was developed in a clean and professional manner, within budget, and ahead of schedule. I think the interactions and service was great!’. Dr. Haggarty-Weir has also signed a confidential non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Carcinotech and says ‘By signing the NDA I am able to further understand the technology being developed and patented by Carcinotech. I look forwards to my firm being able to provide even more services to Ms. Malhotra in 2019’.

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