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Mini-MBA Program for Edinburgh Software Scientist

Haggarty-Weir Consulting (HWC) is proud to announce that we have been engaged by the Edinburgh software company, Symphonic, to provide business management training to one of their top computer scientists. Dr. Phil Scott, a Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Associate at the firm, is being put through a ‘mini-MBA’ program taught by HWC Founder, Dr. Christopher Haggarty-Weir. The program covers key areas such as Organizational Theory, Management, Marketing, Intellectual Property & Patents, Accounting & Finance, Company Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital & Business Plans, Business Ethics & Philosophy, Negotiation Theory. The structure of the program has been designed in such a way to be flexible to Dr. Scott’s busy work commitments, and broad in its approach whilst having a certain level of specialization for those working in the tech sector. Dr. Scott is now half-way through the program and is due to complete the second half early 2019. He is joined on the mini-MBA by HWC junior consultant, Mr. Brendan Copp, who is on the program as part of his professional development training.

Dr. Scott has so far said of the program ‘it’s flexibility and bespoke design has been perfect for both how I work and what I work on. I have been able to start thinking about my work at a broader company level, and have loved the interactive case studies’. Dr. Haggarty-Weir says ‘I love being able to engage with Phil through this program since not only does he get to learn some new skills, but I get to pick up a lot of information by way of the mini-project reports and presentations he delivers’. In addition to the personalized training, HWC is also going to be organizing a networking event in early 2019 as part of the mini-MBA.

Those involved in the start-up tech and biotech sector, in addition to investors like business angels and venture capitalists, who wish to attend, please get in touch via the email: dr.chris@haggarty-weirconsulting.com. And for those interested in a bespoke mini-MBA training program for themselves or their staff, please also get in touch via the aforementioned email.

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